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The new “East Hangar” is finished!



On Thursday 2 July 2009 at 4 pm, Alfred Lüthi, Chairman of the Administrative Council of Grenchen Airport, cere­moni­ally opened the East Hangar. The key was de­li­ve­red to him by a sky diver from Skydive Grenchen. Starting




immediately 12 business aircrafts can be conveniently and safely positioned in the hangar using two turntables. The opening was organised by the architect, Ivo Erard. 55 guests gathered together for the celebration.


Fabian Geissbühler from Skydive Grenchen flew by with the key for the new East Hangar ...


... and presented it to Alfred Lüthi, the Chairman of the Administrative Council of Grenchen Airport.




The hanger was ceremonially opened. The construction of the new hangar would never have been possible without the visionary thinking and generous support. Grenchen Airport extends its heartfelt thanks to all sponsors, suppliers and helpers who made this unique construction possible!




Important contributions to the construction of the East Hangar were made by (from left): Ivo Erard (Architect), Hugo Mathys (Mathys Aviation), Boris Banga, (Mayor of Grenchen), Alfred Lüthi (Chairman of the Administrative Council of Grenchen Airport) and Teddy Schneider (Breitling).


The turntables have a diameter of 32 metres each, which is unique worldwide! Each turntable has a self-weight of 100 tons and can bear aircrafts up to its own weight.




        Hangar            Width  74 m
Length39 m
Height9.6 m
ForecourtWidth74 m
Length22 m
TurntableDiameter32 m
Area800 m²
Solar energy system


850 units

Roof beams made of bonded wood. Cover with OSB boards ready for flat roof covering.

Roof bearing structure

Ferwood framing system.
Laminated timber with inlayed steel ties.


Prefabricated incl. exterior made of overlapping larch cladding.
Construction wood, bonded wood.



Planning & realisation:


        Architect            Ivo Erard Architekten + Planer AG, Grenchen
        Turntable            ALTO General Aviation Services, Germany
        Solar energy system            ADEV, Liestal
        Roof            Max Vogelsang AG, Wohlen



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Pictures of the construction


Further pictures of the construction can be found in the picture gallery.






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