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New meteorological features at Grenchen Airport



1. Weather station

Grenchen Airport has a new weather station, created by Me­teo­Schweiz. The data is col­lec­ted every ten mi­nu­tes and can be vie­wed on the Gren­chen Air­port web­site, both in gra­phic and ta­ble form:



2. Wind profiler

MeteoSchweiz has also installed a wind profiler at Gren­chen Air­port. This mea­su­res wind speeds as high as 8 km above the ground. The­se mea­su­red va­lu­es, which are con­ti­nu­ous­ly avail­able, are an ex­cel­lent sup­ple­ment for flight pre­pa­ra­ti­on.



The new weather station at Grenchen Airport, set up by Me­teo­Schweiz as part of the SwissMetNet project.


The wind profiler is located right next to the weather station.


3. Weather forecast

MeteoSchweiz gives a brief overview of the weather fore­cast for the next 5 days:

4. Daylight hours and phase of the moon

In addition, a page was set up to mathematically cal­cu­la­te and show the daylight hours and the phase of the moon.




Background information on the new weather station and the wind profiler



Weather station

MeteoSchweiz set up the weather station as part of the Swiss­Met­Net Project. Swiss­Met­Net is a mo­dern me­teo­ro­lo­gi­cal mea­sure­ment net­work with 134 auto­ma­tic ground sta­ti­ons which will meet fu­ture re­qui­re­ments for wea­ther fo­re­cas­ting and cli­ma­tic ob­ser­va­tion. The Swiss­Met­Net will be com­ple­ted in 2013.


The measurement stations of the SwissMetNet are spread across the whole of Switz­er­land and auto­ma­ti­cal­ly trans­mit a ran­ge of me­teo­ro­lo­gi­cal para­meters to the Me­teo­Schweiz cen­tral da­ta­ba­se every ten mi­nu­tes. Be­si­des air pres­sure, tem­pe­ra­tu­re and hu­mi­di­ty at 2 m, to­tal pre­ci­pi­ta­ti­on, glo­bal ra­di­ation, sun­shi­ne hours, wind di­rec­ti­on and wind speed are also mea­su­red.



Wind profiler

In parallel to the SwissMetNet project, MeteoSchweiz is also car­ry­ing out an ad­di­tio­nal, very im­por­tant pro­ject cal­led CN-MET (Centrales Nucléaires et Météorologie), for which a wind pro­fi­ler was also set up at Grenchen.

The wind profiler is an active device and functions as a com­plex trans­mit/re­cei­ve ra­dar sta­ti­on, per­mit­ting mea­su­re­ment of wind speeds in the at­mo­sphe­re, up to 8 km above the ground. For this, pul­sed si­gnals are sent up into the lo­wer at­mos­phe­re. The­se sig­nals are scat­te­red back dif­fer­ent­ly in the at­mosphe­re due to va­ri­ati­ons in tur­bu­lence. The­se sig­nals are then ana­ly­sed to de­ter­mi­ne the wind speeds.

The wind profile provides important information about the ver­ti­cal wind structure and, for this rea­son, is of­ten in­stal­led at in­ter­natio­nal air­ports. The­se mea­su­red wind pro­fi­les (eve­ry 10 mi­nu­tes) abo­ve the run­way pro­vi­de ad­ded va­lue for Gren­chen Air­port, which is si­tu­ated at the foot of the Jura Moun­tains and is fa­ced with ra­pi­dly chang­ing wind con­di­ti­ons.



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