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2007-06-16 and 17 Bückers fly in (photos by Rainer Gizzi)
2007-08-18 MVS Cup
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The only constant is change! What's new at Grenchen Airport:



GPS approach

From Thursday 25th July 2013 the GPS approach 25 to Grenchen Airport can officially be flown! Pilots and flight schools may train and use this GPS approach right away. The flight path is identical with the existing IFR approach. This new GPS approach is part of all approaches to Grenchen and helps the Region for further noise reduction. The GPS approach to Grenchen is the sixt new instored GPS approach in Switzerland. It is based on a  LNAV- and a LPV- approach. Work herefore started in 2011 and was boosted since August 2012. Grenchen Airport express it's gratitude to the complete task force, to the CHIPS Team and especially to FOCA and to Skyguide for this achieved objective !

Taxiway designators

For safety reason Grenchen Airport adapt a change in the taxiway designators for the 25th of July 2013. Confusion between position Designators air and ground can be excluded and the comprehensibility is stronger. The taxiway on west side calls new Alpha insted Whiskey, the bypass west calls Bravo. The eastern taxiway calls Delta instead of Echo. The bypass east calls Charly. The Connections between the paved runway and the grass runways in the south are called Tango and Uniform. Taxiway November stays as it is. We expect that all pilots will adapt rapidly and contribute to a safe communication. Thank you very much for your com­pre­hension and your teamwork !



Link to GPS-chart


New designators for ground movement on all taxiways !


New Parking designators for sector GREEN and in front of tower for parking GREEN 1..6 and YELLOW 1..4


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