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2007-06-16 and 17 Bückers fly in (photos by Rainer Gizzi)
2007-08-18 MVS Cup
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Opening times / clearance

The customs office is open during operating hours. Please handle import/export of commercial merchan­dise via PPR customs office in Berne.
Tel. +41 (0)58 462 68 69.

Non-Schengen identity check

Non-Schengen airport notification (PDF, 51.6KB)


After 29 March 2009 only passengers and flight crews from and to non-Schengen destinations will be affected by the border crossing controls. Grenchen Airport is working with Solothurn cantonal police regarding the associated identity checks. As a result of the flight timetable, all flight arrivals and departures to non-Schengen destinations will be notified to the cantonal police by us. Owing to the relatively low number of flights affected based on past experience, Grenchen Airport has not been forced to carry out any buil­ding work to separate passengers into Schengen and non-Schengen flights. During the course of this year the AIS area / customs office is being refurbished and adjusted to the requirements of the cantonal police and Customs Service.
The cantonal police are doing everything they can to make customs clearance as fast as possible, but in order to do so need to be notified as early as possible about flight time­tables. In particular please notify flight departures by the end of the working day on the day before departure.
As preparation, you may use the form "Non-Schengen flight notification" if you wish and send this to the AIS for the attention of the cantonal police by fax (in particular if several passengers are travelling together).
Grenchen Airport has the status of a customs airport in accor­dance with Swiss customs law. This procedure remains in exis­tence additionally, triggered by the border crossing control. All foreign flights will in principle be cleared by directing the planes to the customs office. Of course, the Grenchen Airport team is available to provide any additional infor­mation.


Completing customs documents correctly

Please fill out customs documents correctly to save you and the customs authorities time.


The registration must be sent latest 1 hour before arrival. If there is a customs official on site, those arriving will be received directly by the customs officer.




The registration must be sent latest 30 minutes before departure. Ask about purchasing tax-free fuel. The fuelling form must be completed for this. The earliest point at which fuelling can take place for foreign flights is one hour prior to departure. If there is a customs official on site, the pilot and his passengers must go to the customs office.






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