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2007-06-16 and 17 Bückers fly in (photos by Rainer Gizzi)
2007-08-18 MVS Cup
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The regional Airport at Grenchen employs 150 staff, of whom 85 are full time and 65 are part time.

Acceptance by the population

The Airport enjoys good support from the authorities and a cross section of the public. Its socio-economic im­por­tance is acknowledged.

Fl­ight traffic

A large part of the traffic at the Airport is in the public interest. Air taxis and business traffic as well as flights to support the next generation of pilots, training for pilots, instrument flights and management.

Competition and synergies

There is certain competition between RFP and the sur­rounding Airports which presents us with a challenge. The government conference for the Espace Mittelland (EM) area to which the cantons of Berne, Fribourg, Jura, Neuchâtel and Vaud belong has designated Berne, Grenchen and Les Eplatures (Chaux-de-Fonds) as air­ports for the Espace Mittelland region. The three Airports work closely with one another and use synergies. It is the intention to achieve harmonisation in the medium term in the area of collective bargaining policy, services, operating hours etc. In the short term the three Airports are working towards securing their position with a common marketing strategy, in particular advertising abroad, to offer an even better service to companies in the Espace Mittelland region and increase their im­por­tance as an economic factor.

The tasks

As part of national Swiss task-sharing in air traffic, the regional Airport of Grenchen is contributing to demerging and relieving the air traffic flows at the three national Airports of Basle, Geneva and Zurich. RFP is not striving for any airline traffic and wants to continue to operate the Airport within the scope of the following three-pillar prin­ciple, namely as
  • A modern training centre for the next generation of pilot and ground staff
    With an appropriate infrastructure, innovative ideas and expert instructors, RFP wants to offer superlative occupational training options for pilots, air traffic con­trol, aircraft mechanics and electricians. Training as a pri­vate, professional and commercial airline pilot is possible in Grenchen. Many courses also take place for the airforce as part of SPHAIR. RFP is also proud of the fact that Swiss International has handed over the entire basic training to Grenchen flying school.
  • Modern carrier with a high level of safety and ser­vice for the needs of business travel and tourism
    Our interior is reliant upon an optimal, networked trans­port system of rail, roads and air. Fast links for in­du­stry and service companies are of great im­por­tance. The regional Airport of Grenchen supports the bene­fits of the location to companies in the canton and the neighbouring Berne region. Thanks to the A5 motorway link the region is closer to the Airport. Its importance has increased. The five minute check-in times before departure and also a short time from landing to continuing the rest of the journey are unbeatable.
  • Valuable leisure facility
    Flying demands the whole of a person; head, heart and hands. Young people, in particular, learn to be actively involved in the social environment and to accept responsibility for people and machines in a de­manding activity. From this perspective much va­lu­able work is being carried out with young people at the Airport, in the aviation groups and schools. For many young people the leisure flying organisation offers entry into a later professional career in aviation. At the present time around 900 people, of whom a large proportion are young people, together with many thousands of visitors each year spend a part of their leisure time at the Airport. Much like the other areas the "Airport leisure complex” also creates jobs.

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