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† Markus Egli
03.06.1959 - 28.05.2008

Unhappy news



Dear Friends of Grenchen Airport
Dear Flight Enthusiasts


We received a piece of very unhappy news the day before yesterday. Markus Egli, our very dear friend and committed board member was mortally injured during an outlanding while practising his most beloved of all pastimes, gliding, two days ago. Unfortunately we still do not know what caused the incident. The authorities are carrying out an investigation to clarify it.


The airport management and the entire personnel of Grenchen Airport would like to express their heartfelt condolences to the family of Markus Egli and his relatives and acquaintances.


Andreas Wegier, Airport Manager




Note: In honour of Markus Egli activity was suspended yesterday at the Swiss Gliding Championships to allow a fitting remembrance of him.


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